Puppy Buyer Benefits

Here are just a few of the benefits that Mischief puppy owners have:

  • All puppies are raised via Puppy Culture Protocol 
  • Puppies are exposed to Early Neurological Stimulation and Early Scent Introduction 
  • Puppies are exposed to Scent Work, Barn Hunt, Puppy Agility Equipment, sound exposure, and canine fitness equipment
  • Early grooming experience to create puppies that don’t hesitate on the grooming table
  • All puppies are raised in an active role in home life which leads to socialization of the puppies with many different dogs and humans 
  • Puppies are started on crate training
  • All parents are health tested and at least AKC Champions which are thoughtfully paired to create the best structure for offspring
  • Puppies go home with:
    • Leash
    • Age Appropriate Shots
    • De-Wormed
    • AKC Registration
    • Microchip
    • Puppy Records 
    • Age Appropriate Health Testing
    • Private Facebook Support Group of Other Puppy People
    • Cropping and Docking for Standard Schnauzers
    • 24 Hour Breeder Support
    • And Other Goodies!


“I would highly recommend Mischief Standard Schnauzers & Löwchens to anyone looking for a well bred puppy in these breeds. They do an excellent job raising the puppies, we’ve been so pleased with our puppy Mari. She is such a happy and well adjusted member of our family!” – Julia Longtin (owner of Mari from the Green Gables litter).

“When we first got Coup and started going to puppy training class our trainer commented multiple times about how she has great recovery. Meaning she was unsure of things (as most 6-7mo old puppies are especially with life changes and going through a fear period) but her ability to recognize that we had her back and it was okay was magnificent. Our trainer (who has trained dogs for obedience, reactivity, therapy, etc for over 40 years) and her staff attributed this to her early introduction to stimuli and her well calculated genetics.” April (Owner of Coup)

“Mischief Standard Schnauzers and Lowchens added not only more excitement to our lives, but they helped complete our family. After losing one of our dogs, adding such a well adjusted puppy made the transition seamless. Exposure of all the puppies’ senses early on in life combined with being raised by breeders who are so passionate about the breed, made adding Dutch to our chaotic household easy.  We would highly recommend a dog from Mischief and look forward to adding another standard in the future.” Joanna (owner of Dutch from the Narnia litter)