Application Form

Puppy Buyer Application

Please fill out the form and click the submit button if you’re interested in applying for a Mischief puppy! If you have any issues or questions, please contact: [email protected]. We also have a PDF version of the form you can fill out if you’d rather do that, please send us an email.

Do You Have Children?
Do You Own or Rent Your Home?
If Renting, Do You Have Your Landlord's Written Permission to Keep Dogs?
Do you have a yard with a fence?
Breed Preference
Gender Preference
The Standard Schnauzer is NOT a Hypo-Allergenic Breed; They DO Shed. Is Anyone in Your Household Allergic to Dogs?
If Your Breed Preference is a Standard Schnauzer, Have You Ever Met a Standard Schnauzer in Person?
If Your Breed Preference is a Löwchen, Have You Ever Met a Löwchen in Person?